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AMI Jerusalem has an array of stimulating programs from which to choose

HaKol Yachasi Choir

הקול יחסי תמונה ייצוגית (1).webp

The Choral Group "HaKol Yachasi" was founded in 2007 by a group of residents of Jerusalem and the surrounding area imbued with love of the land and the culture of folk singing in Israel

Support for Shiloh Israel Children's Fund

Bnei Arazim

The Bnei Arazim Child Care Center located in Rishon LeTsion was a project Shlomo Hizak heard about while recovering from heart surgery when he met Dr. Shulamit Blank, a Pediatrician and Child Psychiatrist. This was a unique project that treats children at risk from 8-18 years of age without resort to medication, but rather with love and family therapy so they can become contributing members of society, serve in the army and found stable families. For 18 years Shlomo was Chairman of the Board and oversaw the construction of a four storey building which is recognized by the Social Welfare and Education Authorities in Israel.

Bnei Arazim Child Center

New Projects


Study Tours

Please see a list of our upcoming study tours and sign up to join!

Dates for tours not finalized due to Corona

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