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Some say the streets of Israel are paved with miracles… you run into them everywhere.


The AMI Center's Unique Role:

AMI, the Israel Society of the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies and Research, was created in 1962. It was created to encourage this truly historic process.


The late Founder and President, Shlomo Hizak (1941-2018), was a native of Jerusalem who dedicated his life to building  bridges between Jews and Christians. Since its inception, the Center has stood for the centrality of the Holy Scriptures.


Through the years the Center's main purpose has been to host thousands of visitors as they study original sources in Jerusalem.  The strongest common thread, the steel link that binds all of AMI's programs and people is the Bible.


The Bible can be explored in Israel, and in Jerusalem especially, unlike in any other place on this planet.


Here are lecture rooms turned into living history. A walk to ancient walls is filled with awe and delight. A book read on a terrace can become a spiritual experience. The joy, the spirit pervade.


AMI understands this setting and makes the most of it. It salutes Jerusalem's promised site as a "House of Prayer for All Peoples" and labors to bring this about through courses of study.

The Miracle of Israel

Miracles such as Ethiopian Jews, Russian Jews, and Jews from Iran coming home to their land from the North, the South, the East and West in a startling prophetic fashion.  The miracle is in the restored land, the reinvented Hebrew language and the broken people of Israel reborn.

Miracles that are found even in the commonest of venues such as the simple milk and the delectably sweet honey on your breakfast table.

When Moses sent his twelve spies to canvass the Promised Land, ten returned with the foreboding reports of a land inhabited by "menacing giants." Two returned with glowing pictures of sweetness and plenty, of joy and of a pleasant tomorrow. The difference between them was vision. The majority lacked it. Only the few enjoyed it.

Only a minority of Jews recognized the challenge of a reborn Israel, as did a minority of Christians worldwide.

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Upcoming Events

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